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 [11.06.03] Kim HyunA gets challenged on doing dance sports; "It's hard and difficult..."

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PostSubject: [11.06.03] Kim HyunA gets challenged on doing dance sports; "It's hard and difficult..."   Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:59 pm

4Minute's Kim HyunA thinks that doing dance sports is very challenging.

A press conference was organized by MBC to present and finally introduce the participants of their upcoming show, "Dancing With The Stars." HyunA revealed, "It is truly an honor to be working with a wonderful group of people. I also love dancing so I want to work really hard for the show."

"However, dance sports is very different to what I usually do. It is indeed, difficult and is something very new to me," HyunA confessed.

HyunA already showed off her flexibility through a ballroom dance performance she did last year, showcasing a sexy twist to her powerful dance choreography. She performed Samba on last year's KBS' Chuseok Special Dance Grand Prix that eventually became a big topic. This performance made her identified as a "naturally-good dancer" and later on called as the music industry's "Dancing Queen."

"Dancing With The Stars" is a show wherein celebrities will be paired off and trained by professional dancers. Every week, there will be a pair who will be eliminated. The judging will be based on the votes that will be issued by the contestants, the judges and casual viewers through ARS and Internet voting-system. The show will officially start broadcasting on the 10th of June.

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Source: Star FNNews
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[11.06.03] Kim HyunA gets challenged on doing dance sports; "It's hard and difficult..."
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